Day At The Fair

A tongue-in-cheek tag along through the Del Mar Fair, as Fulbeck interviews an artist claiming heavy influence from Oriental art

Game of Death

The legendary Bruce Lee is examined in the various roles he posthumously came to represent — from Fulbeck’s own boyhood idol to an Asian American male icon “A hilarious look at the beautification of Bruce Lee … ‘Game’ shows how Asian America’s desperation for a hero has led into Lee’s devolution into an inhuman, and …

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Using the fictional character of “Vicki” as a foil, this confessional boy story confronts sexual politics head on “(Fulbeck’s) narrative runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, deconstructing everything in its path — dating, gender roles, stereotypes, and the whole notion of sexual conquest. We end up wondering who the ‘winner’ really …

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