Lilo & Me

Come along for the ride as Fulbeck documents his uncanny resemblance to Pocahontas, Aladdin, Mowgli, and other “ethnically ambiguous” animated characters in this hilarious expose on the muting of race in American popular media “… a hilarious and thought-provoking study of ‘ethnically ambiguous’ animated characters that is part memoir, part family portrait, part pop-culture survey, […]

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Challenged by his UCSB art students to produce a “non-transferable” film overnight, Fulbeck responds by shooting this everyday action. Always an audience favorite

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Man for You

Selected as one of 40 artists for Visual Communications’ inaugural Digital Slam, Fulbeck decides to go old school for his 30-second slot. Using just one take, he playfully skewers longtime VC festival programmer and friend Abe Ferrer in this hilarious take on Pinoy culture

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Banana Split

The landmark film on Hapa identity—shown in festivals, museums and classes for over two decades. Remastered in 2011 from the original 35mm print “A classic of the video essay genre” — Bob Nakamura, Filmmaker “Am Amerasian pomo version of Woody Allen” — The Bay Area Reporter First Place, Red River International Film Festival Outstanding Student

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Sweet or Spicy

A 24-year-old Asian American male has never been kissed. Why not feature him on Loveline? “With his usual combination of wit and worry, Fulbeck explores representations of Asian American male sexuality in pop culture, while a trash TV show host tries to get a girl for a ‘never-been-kissed’ Korean American” — New York Video Festival

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Sex Love Kung Fu

It’s Mystery Science Theater — Hapa style. Join two crazed kung fu fanatics as they comically argue over Asian American masculinity, the homoerotic nature of martial arts movies, and the size of Dolph Lundgren’s penis “Beavis and Butthead meet Bruce Lee in this sly and hilarious on the representation of Asian American men in the

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Nine Fish

Made a decade before the Terry Schiavo case entered the national consciousness, Fulbeck chronicles his Cantonese grandmother’s physical decline and its deep impact on his mother and family “Both funny and sobering, themes of death and life swim in and out of these stories — each told with the soul and clarity of a child

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LA Christmas

A 9-year-old black belt, Buddhists butchering Christmas carols & a nephew reciting pi to 200 digits — the quintessential American Christmas captured in a delightfully playful home movie about home movies “Have you ever been at a party and realized your in-laws are vastly entertained by the things that embarrass you most about your family?

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A wacky spoof on the racial politics operating behind a hit television dating show “Keep your ears pricked up and your eyes glued to the screen; there’s a lot going on here.  Fulbeck rehashes a dozen too-Oriental-for-you images and delivers a bullet-speed narrative that exposes the racists designs of the show’s ‘Gestapo’ producers” — Seattle

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An exploration of Asian Female/White Male pairings in Hollywood movies and their real and imagined effects on gender politics and Asian American masculinity “This is a terrific, intense, multimedia experience — deconstructing Hollywood’s images of Asian Americans … it ought to be seen by Asian American women” — Hawaii International Film Festival Special Juror’s Award,

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