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“I have booked and hosted scores of visiting speakers for schools during the past decade. What distinguishes—truly distinguishes—Kip is the power of his personal presence & his willingness to engage intimately and authentically with his audience …

“Kip touches kids’ hearts and souls. He meets them wherever they are. Then he challenges them. He builds rapport masterfully. He engages their curiosity, their aesthetic senses, their hearts and their minds”

— Mike Pardee, Director of Character Education, The Kinkaid School

* * *

“I wanted to thank Kip again for his dynamic and fabulous presentation at Santa Clara University. It was awesome and very inspiring! The photographs we are presenting in the de Saisset Museum provided a well-rounded and complete compliment to the evening. Our students, staff, faculty, and university guests were so engaged and completely connected to his many messages …

“His powerful words and images, coupled with his endless energy, were well received by all who attended. The feeling of empowerment that was felt by many on such a large scale was moving and very real”

— Rebecca M. Schapp, Director, de Saisset Museum

* * *

“While suffering from jet lag, Mr. Fulbeck tirelessly devoted himself to a busy schedule of press interviews and social events in addition to the seminar, festival and film school programs. His professional expertise, his personal knowledge of the directors whose work he presented and his combination of modesty, wit, cultural sensitivity and speaking skills effectively conveyed to the Malaysian audience a detailed, balanced introduction to Asian American film and to the place of Asian Americans in our multi-ethnic society …

“I have been engaged in public diplomacy in Asia for over twenty years, but have rarely seen an American academic make as great a contribution to the understanding the people of another country have about the U.S. in so short a time”

— Nicholas Mele, Director, U.S. Information Service, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

* * *

“Kip’s keynote presentation danced between an artist’s talk, a poetry rap slam, a performance that provoked introspection as well as mirth, and a stand-up, smack-you-around wake up call.  SPE’s audience of 1200 artist/educators came out alive and open to new thinking and conversations about facing diversity in the photographic arts”

— Virginia Morrison, Executive Director, Society for Photographic Education

* * *

“The buzz is still going at Hallmark about Kip’s presentation. We have received many emails, phone calls and personal comments that many continue to reflect upon his presentation and our culture’s awareness of ethnicity”

— Susan Rodriguez, Events Coordinator, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

* * *

“Kip’s authenticity, artistic presence and contagious passion for sharing a message that creates awareness and appreciation to build intercultural competency within our campus community exceeded our greatest expectations …

“For two consecutive years as part of new student orientation, Kip touched students’ hearts and minds, whether playing to a 1,000+ packed auditorium of students (breaking all institutional attendance records), or in an intimate one-on-one conversation with a student seeking deeper meaning to the questions Kip asked. His legacy remains through the conversations still happening on campus today long after he left”

— Mo Overland, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University

* * *

“I found the talk by photographer Kip Fulbeck and his exhibit fascinating and uplifting. What he shows and what he had to say feels so true and honest … (he) opens doors to the mind and offers a new way of thinking about identity”

— Barbara Keer, Splash Magazine Chicago

* * *

“He’s introspective, funny, and fearless”

— Amy Hill, Actress & Comedian

* * *

“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect keynote speaker than Kip Fulbeck to cap off UC San Diego’s 50th anniversary celebration. Kip alternately delighted, entertained, and inspired our campus community with his unique brand of slam poetry and a rousing, interactive performance that has to be experienced to fully appreciate. Truly one of a kind!”

— Judy Lane, Senior Director of Special Events and Protocol, UC San Diego

* * *

“I bring a lot of speakers to Concord, and I have never seen the students so impressed and excited as they were yesterday. The school is totally abuzz still today …

“Kip has an amazing talent for interweaving humor, philosophy, information, beauty, commentary, and spontaneity. The resulting concoction keeps an audience fully engaged, constantly surprised, and fabulously provoked”

— Jennifer Cardillo, Assistant Dean for Community & Equity, Concord Academy

* * *

“[audiences today are] used to watching films, reality tv, videos—all mediums that cut quickly from one image to another. that’s what kip’s work is like:  he’s got spoken word, he’s got video, he’s got soundscape, then he’s back to monologue.  His work speaks to a new generation of audiences. He’s the perfect introduction for younger audiences to art”

— Pamela Wu, Asian American Theater Company

* * *

“Think Chris Rock meets VH1”

— Terry Hong, A. Magazine

* * *

“Kip was a great success!  His talk with the students from all three schools was energizing and will hopefully prompt discussion and debate for months to come. I especially appreciate the small group meetings he had with students from each of the schools, by themselves. Those students had a wonderful opportunity and will continue Kip’s work through their schools”

— Guybe Slangen, Dean of Students, Head-Royce School

* * *

“His style and vision are marvels—his message and medium are utterly original”

— Shawn Wong, Professor of English, University of Washington & author of American Knees

* * *

“Kip was totally amazing!  He wowed all of the students and faculty at once …  There is still a buzz on campus a couple of days later!  Not only was Kip an amazing presenter who was able to connect with the students, but he was a real pleasure to work with.  I appreciated him being so down to earth and approachable …

“The students absolutely loved him.  They were engaged in his presentation from beginning to end.  I even received emails from parents with reports of their child’s enthusiasm over the speaker”

— Josie Herrera, Director of Multicultural Outreach, Albuquerque Academy

* * *

“Kip was a huge hit! After the show students, staff, and faculty all raved about him. They especially loved how he masterfully wove together comedy, stories, and spoken word. Thank you for doing what you do, Kip!”

— Charlene Martinez, Director, Multi-Cultural Center, Sacramento State University

* * *

“The pace and delivery of Kip’s message, at times were so rapid, that I found myself experiences laughter and tears, pleasure and pain simultaneously”

— Dr. Mary Clark, University of Michigan

* * *

“I was a facilitator at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Boston where Kip spoke.  I wanted to thank Kip for his candidness, his inspiration, his anger and his hope.  I have been going to the conference for many years now both as a student and as a facilitator and he was the best speaker that I have ever had!”

— Marjahn Golban, Wellesley College

* * *

“I’m convinced this artist is brilliant”

— Patrick Nagatani, Professor of Art, University of New Mexico & author of Nuclear Enchantment

* * *

“The epitome of cool”

— George Yatchinson, The Independent

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