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Organizations & Projects

Awaken Arts

Asians of Mixed Race

Association of MultiEthnic Americans

Critical Mixed Race Studies

Eurasian Nation

Hafu Japanese

Half Korean

Hapa Happy Hour



Hapa Voice


Interracial Family

Interracial Intercultural Pride

International Interracial Association

Loving Day

Mavin Foundation

Melting Pot Moms

Mixed Kids

Mixed and Happy

Mixed Asians

Mixed Chicks Chat

Mixed Folks

Mixed Heritage Center

Mixed Race Studies

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival

MixRoots Japan

Mixed Student Resources

MultiEthnic Education Program

The Multiracial Activist

Multiracial Americans of Southern California

People in Harmony

Project RACE

RACE: Are We So Different?


Teaching Tolerance

We Are Hapa

Artists & Scholars

Steve Aoki

Roddy Bogawa

Eric Byler

Samantha Chanse

Albert Chong

G. Reginald Daniel

Wei Ming Dariotis

Louie Gong

Rudy Guevarra

Amy Hill

Velina Hasu Houston

Evelyn Hu-Dehart

Christine Iijima Hall

Phil Kaye

Matt Kelley

Laura Kina

Dan Kwong

Sean Lennon

Rico Martinez

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Laurel Nakadate

Erin O’Brien

Greg Pak

Kate Rigg

Dmae Roberts

Maria Root

Beau Sia

Eric Tate

Curtis Rooks

Ben Sloat

Paul Spickard

Jeff Chiba Stearns

Michael Velasquez

Brent Weinbach

Teresa Kay Williams-León

Marrow Registy

Asian American Donor Program

Asian for Miracle Marrow Matches

Kyle Needs You

National Marrow Donor Program

Team Krissy


Resources for starting a club

Amherst Students of Mixed Heritage

Berkeley Mixed Student Union

Brown Organization of Multiracial and Biracial Students

Cal Poly Pomona Hapa Club

Georgetown University Multi and Bi-Racial Organization

Hapa SC

Hapa Student Association @ Ohio State University

Harvard HAPA

Haverford College Under One Sky

MIT Hapa Club

Multiracial Identified Community at Stanford

Multiracial Organization of Students at Tufts

UCI Mixed Student Organization

UCLA Mixed Student Union

University of Maryland Multiracial & Biracial Student Organization

University of Washington MiXed

Wellesley College Fusion

Yale Multi-Ethnic Student Organization

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