Kip of All Trades

February 1, 1998

Ted Lai, Yolk Magazine Winter/Spring  1998 Standing at a well-toned 6’1″, it’s a surprise that Kip Fulbeck lacks definition. In a world where we are often defined by what we do, Fulbeck, a recently tenured professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is also a photographer, a standup comedian, a performance artist, a former…

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American Monolithic

October 1, 1996

Sumitra Visanathan, Men’s Review (Malaysia) October 1996 John Woo and Jackie Chan may be kicking open the doors of Hollywood, but tinseltown’s images of Asians remain as bad as they ever were. Asian American Kip Fulbeck is working to change that, writes Sumitra Visvanathan. Nothing annoys Kip Fulbeck more than being stereotyped. The independent film-maker’s…

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So you want to make a movie?

September 12, 1996

Looh Foon Fong, The Star (Malaysia) September 12, 1996 An enthusiastic young film-maker blows into town, spreading the message that young people can make their own movies if they want to- well, they can at least try their hands at it without too much trouble. LOOH FOON FONG has the story. You’re sitting in your…

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Fulbeck’s ‘Some Questions’ Will Push Some Buttons

March 13, 1994

Gerald Lim, AsianWeek May 13, 1994 Kip Fulbeck shouldn’t expect an Oscar anytime soon. As the omnipotent Academy of Motion Pictures purportedly continues to embrace socially conscious, politically correct, heart-on-a-sleeve epics (see pattern in last three “best” pictures: “Dances with Wolves,” “Unforgiven,” “Schindier’s List”), filmmaker Fulbeck and his independent cohorts continue to push the envelope…

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Video Performance Artist Assumes Two Cultures

April 16, 1993

Gerard Lim, AsianWeek April 16, 1993 For Kip Fulbeck, the otherwise simple and mundane task of checking a box designating his ethnicity poses a serious problem. Like other mixed-blood Asian Pacific Americans—emphasis on Asian, or is it Pacific, or is it American—Fulbeck must grapple with his identity of half-identities in order to deliver an accurate,…

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