The Pursuit of Hapa-ness

March 30, 2006

Jeff Yang, March 30, 2006 A growing percentage of the Asian American population can trace their lineage to two or more races. In his new book, “Part Asian, 100% Hapa,” artist and author Kip Fulbeck explores multiracial Asian America through hundreds of hapa quotes and portraits. What does hapa identity mean for the future…

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Review: Kip Fulbeck’s acclaimed fictional autobiography

July 1, 2002

Mandy Willingham, July, 2002 In his first full-length published work, Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography (University of Washington Press 2001), award-winning Chinese-Caucasian performer, artist, professor and author Kip Fulbeck explores the effects of stereotypical depictions and perceptions of Asians, particularly those perpetuated by the American media. Through a series of hilarious, aggressive and poignant…

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‘Bullets’ insights are right on target

October 14, 2001

Yoko Kuramoto-Eidsmoe, The Seattle Times October 14, 2001 The thing that will make people pick up Kip Fulbeck’s Paper Bullets is that it’s about a guy who grows up hapa (half-Asian) in America. But that won’t be what leaves the deepest impression. What stays with you is his startling honesty and dead-on observations. The California…

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Artist Profile – Kip Fulbeck

July 10, 2001

Victoria Namkung, MAVIN Magazine July 10, 2001 What do you do when you’re already an accomplished teacher, performance artist and filmmaker? Kip FUlbeck, 35, decided to write his first novel. Paper Bullets, which has just debuted (University of Washington Press), is a fictional autobiography about a multiracial Aisan-American male living in Southern California. By the…

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An Interview with Kip Fulbeck – Going Ballistic

June 22, 2001

By Oliver Wang, June 22, 2001 Kip Fulbeck’s plants his feet in a jigsaw world. At any given moment, he can be an artist/academic/author/actor/auteur/lifeguard (yes, lifeguard). Now a professor at UC Santa Barbara, Fulbeck first came to prominence with a series of film shorts focusing on everything from hapa identity (Banana Split) to interracial…

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The Kip Club

June 8, 2001

Terry Hong, A. Magazine June/July 2001 Kip Fulbeck is not your average performance artist. At age 35, he’s a tenured professor at UC Santa Barbara, does outreach programs for at-risk kids, was a nationally ranked swimmer and even ferries bugs outside instead of brutally squashing them. Most recently, he published his first book, Paper Bullets:…

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Hip Hapa

June 7, 2001

Soyon Im, Seattle Weekly June 7 – 13, 2001 WHAT DO YOU remember when you hear Morrissey sing, “Take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people who are young and alive”? For 36-year-old Kip Fulbeck, a professor of art at UC-Santa Barbara, that melancholy tune signifies the loss of his first love. At…

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Book Review: Paper Bullets

May 31, 2001

Eric Lister, Artsweek May 31, 2001 Kip Fulbeck is fluent in the language of pop culture. It is a vocabulary of songs everyone in a graduating high school class knows by heart and the handful of advertising campaigns that creep into homes as plush toys or prime time television movies. It is the collective voice…

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Self-Inflicted Paper Cuts

May 11, 2001

Robert Ito, Asian Week May 11 – 17, 2001 Autobiographies are, by nature, self-indulgent. Write one before your fortieth birthday as Kip Fulbeck has done with his first book, Paper Bullets, and expect people to question your motives, if not the size of your ego. Not that Fulbeck, an award-winning videomaker, performance artist, UCSB professor…

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Book Review: Paper Bullets

March 1, 2001

Alex Luu, Yolk Magazine Summer 2003 If you’re looking for yet another I-am-Asian American-hear-me-roar chest pounding autobiographical novel, do not pick up Paper Bullets. However, if you’re looking for a hilarious, cocky, honest, and no-holds-barred account of lust and life from a unique Hapa male perspective, this is a keeper. Through endearingly side-splitting recollections, ruminations,…

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