Kip Fulbeck Interview

March 1, 2008

Frank Agostinelli, March 1, 2008 If you have had the pleasure of meeting Kip Fulbeck, you’ll agree when I say he is one the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Besides being arguably the most recognizable face in the Hapa community, he is an award-winning artist, slam poet and filmmaker. And […]

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Kip Fulbeck – The face of hapa

January 2, 2008

Melanie Colburn, Hyphen Magazine Winter 2007/2008 WHO BETTER to be our Hybrid issue cover centaur-the mythical half-man, half horse-than writer, filmmaker, musician, professor and all-around thought-provoker Kip Fulbeck. Along with his Cantonese, English, Irish and Welsh background, Fulbeck represents what we were aiming for with our Hybrid issue: A multidisciplinary approach to life. While working […]

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The Hapa Project: How multiracial identity crosses oceans

May 15, 2007

Alana Folen and Tina Ng, UH Today Spring, 2007 Hawai’i – often overlooked as nothing more than a scenic paradise – recently started to live up to its “melting pot” reputation when a U.S. senator representing Illinois formally announced his presidential candidacy. With personal ties to Hawai’i, Sen. Barack Obama inadvertently put Hawai’i in the […]

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So What Are You? JANM Show Questions Identities and Seeks to Demystify the Term ‘Hapa’

December 14, 2006

Tami Mnoian, Los Angeles Downtown News December 14, 2006 I’m not saying this is the end-all-be-all of experiencing hapa,” artist Kip Fulbeck announces. “This is my experience.” Fulbeck is sitting in a low-key Santa Barbara coffee shop as he makes this statement, but his words resonate to Downtown Los Angeles and beyond. His current project, […]

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Mixed-Race Asians Find Pride as Hapas

June 11, 2006

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times June 11, 2006 A new book and an art exhibit in L.A. reflect an evolution in perceptions of a multiracial group historically made to feel like outsiders. In Chinese restaurants, he was the kid who was always given the fork. In his largely white Covina public schools, he was the […]

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We Are Hapa

June 10, 2006

Gwen Muranaka, The Rafu Shimpo June 10, 2006 New photo exhibit at JANM explores ideas of identity and ethnicity. Photographs of individuals of multiracial heritage and their responses to the most common question asked of people of mixed-race background—”What are you?”—comprises the heart of the art exhibition, “kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa,” set to […]

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Not what you are but who you are

June 8, 2006

Cynthia Dea, Los Angeles Times June 8, 2006 As a kid, Kip Fulbeck found it almost impossible to fit in because of his ethnic background: His mother is Cantonese; his father is English and Irish. Strangers thought it perfectly appropriate to ask, “What are you?” It’s a question he still encounters, but he’s channeled it […]

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Hapa Nation

May 29, 2006

Valerie Takahama, Orange County Register May 29, 2006 When Ken Radomski was in Japan a couple of years ago, he got a kick out of the little kids who spotted his mohawk, thought of British soccer star David Beckham and shouted, “Beckham! Beckham!” at him. The lanky Southern California teenager had a little fun of […]

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Book Review: Part Asian, 100% Hapa

May 25, 2006

Frank Y. Pak Agostinelli, May 25, 2006 Back in the 80s, the shoe company Converse unleashed a line known as The Weapon. The shoe was pushed by this triad of NBA stars; Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and “Dr. J” Julius Erving. In one of the commercials, Magic Johnson emphatically states in a voice so […]

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A Hapa Project: Identity, Outside the Color Lines

May 20, 2006

Victoria Kraus, Asiance Magazine May 20, 2006 “I am exactly the same as every other person in 2500.” So says a handwritten response to photographer Kip Fulbeck’s question to mixed Asian hapas, “What are you?” The Hapa Project is a collection of collarbone-and-above photographs of ethnically mixed Asians by artist Kip Fulbeck at the Japanese […]

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