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June 17, 2011
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June 16, 2011
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June 15, 2011
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Review: Mixed – Portraits of Multiracial Kids at the Japanese American National Museum

July 1, 2010

Alden Habacon, Schema Magazine July 2010 A couple of weeks ago I attended a webinar by futurist David Houle. Now that I have a five-week year old, I found it extremely interesting. But there’s more to the future than technology and market trends, there’s the future face of Canada and the U.S. as seen in…

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President’s Half Sister Speaks On Her Mixed-Race Experience

June 17, 2010

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times June 17, 2010 At L.A.’s Japanese American National Museum, hosting a photo exhibit on multiracial children, Maya Soetoro-Ng talks about her long journey from feeling that she didn’t fit in anywhere to feeling like a citizen of the world. Growing up in Indonesia, Maya Soetoro-Ng often felt too American. Although…

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Kip Fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa review – Viewing Identity

April 18, 2010

Barbara Keer, Chicago Splash Magazine April 18, 2010 A friend of mine invited me to join her for the opening of a very special photographic exhibit.  Presented by the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society, Chicago Cultural Alliance and The Field Museum, the exhibit, Kip Fulbeck: part asian – 100% hapa, opens doors to the mind…

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They’re 100% kid – Kip Fulbeck asked multiracial children “Who are you?”

March 21, 2010

Karen Wada, Los Angeles Times March 21, 2010 The kids in these photographs don’t look like they belong in a museum. They’re having too much fun. They gloat and grin, share secrets and show off their retainers and rock collections. “I wanted to capture them exactly as they are,” says artist Kip Fulbeck. ” ‘If…

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Branded as Scholars

January 3, 2010

Peter Monaghan, The Chronicle of Higher Education January 3, 2010 Do you love your research so much that you’d have a symbol of it tattooed onto your body? Among academics, scientists seem to be the most often inked, but plenty of scholars in the arts and humanities have tattoos, too. Perhaps you have one that…

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‘Hapa’ Now Means Pride in Ancestry

July 1, 2009

L.J. Toler, UNC News Services June 26, 2009 “Hapa,” derived from the Hawaiian word for “half,” used to be considered a derogatory word. Today, however, it has been embraced as a term of pride by many whose mixed-race heritage includes Asian or Pacific Rim ancestry. Portraits of Hapa from across the United States will be…

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Probing beyond racial lines: Fulbeck further complicates identity

November 8, 2008

Amy Phan, Northwest Asian Weekly November 8, 2008 Movement isn’t limited to the physical alone. It meanders and fluctuates through every other facet of life – like language, societal norms and identity, with answers and definitions changing as rapidly as the question or problem it sought out to satisfy. Just ask 43-year-old Kip Fulbeck. He…

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