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15 years of the hapa project

As a follow-up to his groundbreaking exhibition part asian, 100% hapa, Kip Fulbeck revisits the original project participants 15 years later.

Pairing their earlier pictures and statements with contemporary portraits and newly written statements, hapa.me documents not only their physical changes over time, but also changes in their perspectives and outlooks as mixed-race awareness continues to increase worldwide.

Premiering at the Japanese American National Museum in 2018, the show also includes 8 bamboo & steel artist’s books featuring hundreds of new Hapa portraits; Fulbeck’s original paintings, calligraphy, and sculpture; as well as an interactive section where viewers can join the community by having their individual portrait taken and writing their own personal statement.

A stunning 11” x 11” 200-page color catalog was published in conjunction with the exhibition, completely designed by the artist and featuring essays by Hapa luminaries Velina Hasu Houston, Cindy Nakashima, Richard Keaoopuaokalani NeSmith, and Paul Spickard.

the etymology of hapa

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