Frank Y. Pak Agostinelli,

May 25, 2006

Back in the 80s, the shoe company Converse unleashed a line known as The Weapon. The shoe was pushed by this triad of NBA stars; Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and “Dr. J” Julius Erving. In one of the commercials, Magic Johnson emphatically states in a voice so smooth only the Magic Man could pull this off, “They’re everywhere!”

Fast forward to 2006. Kip Fulbeck’s book Part Asian, 100% Hapa shows the world, we ARE everywhere

This magnum opus is the final product of a three year undertaking that involved Kip Fulbeck photographing Hapa faces nationwide. It would be safe to say there are enough pictures for a volume set. He had more than enough volunteers and selected a total of 116 Mixed Asian faces from different mixed ethnic backgrounds to represent the book.

The participants were tastefully photographed shoulders up sans clothes, jewelry, make-up etc. An almost back to the essence feel. Each person on the opposite page has their respective ethnicities as well as some comments that are straightforward, witty, descriptive, and full of emotion.

The book is a celebration of who were are, embracing who we are, and letting everyone who does not know, we are here and here to stay. Fulbeck’s commentary touches base with things many of us have gone through and the direction we, as the Hapa community are heading. Additional thoughts are penned by Sean Lennon and Paul Spickard.

Part Asian, 100% Hapa is insightful, moving, and a positive for the Hapa community at large.

The totality of the book can be summarized from this quote on page 98, “I like being mixed. It is a good tribe to be in and it has many brothers and sisters.” I could not agree more. Thank you Kip. Kamsa!

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