Exhibition Catalog Japanese American National Museum 2014 Explore the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoos along with its rich history and influence on modern tattoo practices in this groundbreaking 200-page color catalog featuring photographs by Kip Fulbeck The catalogue includes a history of Japanese tattooing by Kenji Hori, as well as essays by Chaz Bojorquez, Chris Horishiki […]

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Michelle Mills, The Los Angeles Newspaper Group April 22, 2014 The Japanese as a culture has long been noted for its appreciation of beauty, but that does not necessarily extend to the art of tattoo. The show looks at Japanese tattooing and its ties to ukiuyo-e prints, as well as the practices and relationships of

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UCSB Professor Brings Slam Poetry to the Classroom Kelsey Gripenstraw, The Independent August 30, 2012 Kip Fulbeck is one of those people whose simple presence leaves you noticeably affected. Add in a few colorful stories about his students, and you’ll walk away inspired Fulbeck’s name precedes him as one of the standout faces on UCSB’s

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Ashley Blackley, July 2, 2012 This summer, I am working at the Getty Foundation as part of the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program. The program provides paid internships to diverse students at arts organizations all across L.A., including the Getty. The highlight of my first week was assisting with our Arts Summit, a full day

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Chloe Stepney, Daily Trojan January 31, 2012 Identity is more than race, and race has no biological basis, said Kip Fulbeck, who spoke at The Arts of Resistance, an Uncommon Conversation at USC Dornsife event in Doheny Memorial Library on Tuesday. “I was born in a time when in some states, my parent’s marriage was

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cnn article on multiracial identity the hapa project featured in new york times watch voice of america segment on vmfa exhibition hapa-palooza celebrates three giants of mixed heritage named los angeles local hero watch promo videos for “perseverance” 10/27/17 – new hapa photos added demo reel

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Ayelet Zohar, Trans Asia Photography Review (link) October, 2011 Kip Fulbeck’s Hapa Project was recently exhibited at the Race: Are We So Different? exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, Aug. 2011 The expanded context of the display considered the history and context of race issues in the USA, and the main objective

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